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Chris Franklin – Bloke (2000)

An Aussie bloke releases an Aussie song.



Stand-up comedian Chris Franklin, who’s persona is based on the typical Australian bogan / yobbo, released a song that parodies the 1997 Amercian artist Meredith Brooks’ hit Bitch.

Released late January 2000, the satirical track Bloke, about the everyday Australian bloke who simply loves beer, pies, sports, his mates, ciggies, and being pure lazy, entered the ARIA Charts at Number 15.

It eventually reached Number 1 and sat there for two weeks, dropping out of the Top 50 after 18 weeks in the charts – charting stronger and longer than the original Bitch track.

Franklin still tours his stand-up comedy, so you can see what he’s been up to on his social pages.

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