Classic Aust Pop Artists Hiding On Spotify

I will admit – I wouldn’t have even thought about going down this rabbit hole if it wasn’t for the crazy global pandemic going on. But while I may not be as clever to make any viral videos to share on social media for your entertainment, I can at least tickle your childhood / tween life memories and save you from dusting off a few Smash Hits compilations you have in your parents garage. What do I mean?

I dove deep into the Spotify library to bring out some Australian Pop Groups and Artists that are now officially and legally streaming.

No longer do you have to worry about digitising your worn out cassette tapes or ripping the really scratched up compact discs your toddler destroyed, nor find an overpriced vinyl player at JB Hi-Fi and hook it up to your iPad – only to discover that you can’t.

Take a step back in time and remember the era where things were a little much easier… no viruses… laminated books… pin-ups on the wall… and a weakness for delicious pop music.

In no particular order:


Still currently active with the original members Tottie Goldsmith and Ally Fowler, the pure gold from 1986 to 1991 is there: Wanna Be Up, Witch Queen, Love The One You’re With, He’s Gonna Step On You Again.


The five piece girl group ran from 1991 until 1993, when Robyn Loau left the group. They then became GF4 and operated from 1994 to 1996, when they broke up.

All the catchy songs are available: Take It From Me, Bad Attitude, Wishing On The Same Star. Even the GF4 hit Sooner Or Later.


The first Australian reality TV pop group formed in 1999 consisting of five girls, which one was infamously fired or “left”, replaced by another member. However, the team didn’t last long and after two albums, dissolved in 2002. Both the self-titled album and the second album I Need Somebody are available. Yes – including the first single Poison.


The four piece band from Sydney exploded into the scene in the mid nineties with Shaka Jam with their R&B style crammed into two albums.

Toni Pearen.

Known for her soap appearances in E Street, Home And Away and much more, Pearen ventured out into the world with her 1992 album Intimate which paved way for her singles In Your Room and I Want You.

Peter Andre.

The man who was the walking washboard of the early 1990s and was taken under Ian “Molly” Meldrum’s wings to create hits such as Gimme Little Sign, Funky Junky, Mysterious Girl and Flava.

Indecent Obsession.

From 1987 to 1995, another band that was under the helm of Meldrum, made lead singer David Dixon a star. While five albums were made in their lifetime, only two albums are available – sadly – not the self-titled one with Say Goodbye and Tell Me Something embedded in it. Their other singles Kiss Me, Indio and others are available.


Four words = Where. Are. You. Now.

Sound Unlimited Posse.

The Hip-Hop group ran from 1990 to 1994, releasing A Postcard from the Edge of the Underside in 1992. The entire album is available, including their biggest hit Kickin’ To The Undersound.


The Raze The Roof and Attitude albums are available from the New Zealander-cum-Australian model / singer, who had her 1989 hit Ring My Bell stuck in everyone’s minds.

There’s PLENTY more to share, but this is just the beginning. We may do a Part II, so stay listening…. errr.. reading.

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