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‘Do The Mario’: Watch ’80s – ’90s toons free

Your childhood afternoon cartoons are back and waiting to be watched.



Remember the the ’80s and ’90s as a child where you would get up at the crack of dawn and put up with the early news so you can watch Wombat, The Early Bird Show or Agro’s Cartoon Connection? Or when you raced home after school to catch your favourite show on the ABC or Channel 9 just before you had to do your homework?

While many distributors are releasing boxsets upon boxsets of our favourite childhood cartoon, us adults now have to wait until payday to get the complete series of He-Man. Or constistently watch the transferred VHS version of You Can’t Do That On Television that has all snow and ghosting reception on it.

Have I got news for you. Canada’s T.H.E. Television Network are casually releasing episodes of their libraries onto YouTube for free. Some of the shows that are being shown don’t actually have an official DVD release, or are restricted to U.S. and Canada, but for the time being, they’re available in Australia – so don’t waste any time, get on it!

Some examples are:

You Can’t Do That On Television

A childrens sketch show that was screened on ABC TV in the 1980s. Just don’t mention the word “water”. Why? I don’t know…!

Danger Mouse

Broadcast on ABC TV in the 80s and 90s, the superhero mouse is the worlds greatest secret agent, fighting crime with the help of his sidekick Penfold.

Count Duckula

Shown on ABC TV in the late 80s to early 90s. Follow the adventures of a duck vampire and his friends Igor and Nanny, living in a castle.


The Kenner toy action series. Let me use the theme song to describe the series.

“Masked crusaders, working overtime
Fighting crime, fighting crime”

Super Mario Brothers Super Show!

A combination of live action and cartoon series, the TV series based on the Nintendo game was shown in the afternoons in 1989.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Shown on the Ten Network in the early mornings, follow the adventures of SEGA’s gem in the crown Sonic, trying to deal with his rival Dr. Robotnik.

There’s plenty of more cartoons (such as He-Man, She-Ra and RoboCop the Animated Series) and episodes being released, so subscribe to the channel today to get more updates.

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