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Watch: Round The Twist (1990)

Australia’s favourite lighthouse family is available to binge online for free.



If your childhood rotated around the 90s, you will be familiar with the names Tony, Linda, Pete and Bronson Twist.

Seeking a seachange, the Twists move to the ocean-side and into a lighthouse, that happens to have a rich and mysterious history. The Twists also have to deal with The Gribbles – an arrogant and self-centred family that have their own interests at heart and are vying for the lighthouse itself. In between The Twists and The Gribbles is Nell, the former owner who has had a generation of family up and down the stairs of the lighthouse.

As The Twists settle in with their surroundings, mysterious and magical things happen with them and around any attachment to the lighthouse. Ranging for ghosts, mysterious music, magical lip balm, a creepy Santa and much more – mysteries are solved and learning curves are created.


Based on the best-selling children’s “Un…” short story series by Australian author Paul Jennings, Round The Twist was a hugely popular TV series shown on Channel 7 in 1990, before moving to the ABC, lasting 52 episodes over four seasons.

While the entire series has been available on DVD for a while and popping up on paid subscription service Netflix, you can now watch it for free on YouTube at your bandwidth disposal, thanks to the Australian Children’s Television Foundation and Valleyarm… without my pants.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

UPDATE 3rd of March, 2019 – originally posted as “1989” but ACTF have confirmed that the first day of broadcast was in 1990 – it was produced in 1989.

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