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Watch: Lift Off (1992)

Revisit a time where it was cool to have a talking backpack and your favourite toy didn’t have a face.



Before you go any further, do you remember this face?


If you don’t – you’re correct. If you do – you’re even more correct.

The doll of unintentional nightmares is called “EC”, or ‘Every Child’ – a generic, genderless animated doll that educated young Australian children that no matter what skin colour, nationality and gender you are, you’re one and the same.

The children’s television series Lift Off ran on the ABC from 1992 to 1995, and followed the activities of a group of young children interacting with everyday things and animated items that would usually be inanimate. Let’s not forget the antagonist Mr Fish (Mark Mitchell) who always threatened the children with rules and regulations.

Developed by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, the highly popular series went for three seasons and spun-off merchandise so every Australian child could have a ‘talking’ backpack and genderless doll to play with.


While 78 episodes were made, only a handful were released on VHS and DVD. However, thanks to the marvels of YouTube and Valleyarm, you can see the entire Season One, as well as drip-fed episodes of Season Two and Three.

You can watch Lift Off star Luke Carroll, who played Paul Jordan on the show, discuss his fun time working on the set as a child star on ABC’s iView.

How do you do, Wakadoo?

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