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Watch: Merrick and Rosso – The B Team (2005)

Radio comedy team go from metro breakfast radio to metro television.



Radio comedy team go from metro breakfast radio to metro television.

It is not the first time that a highly rating comedy duo from radio venture onto TV to bring those demographic ratings gold to the lounge screen. Merrick Watts and Tim Ross developed their name on Triple J, then went to commercial radio Nova Sydney which was a success when first starting. After establishing themselves there, their next door neighbours in Pyrmont (Channel 10) came over and gave them a sketch show time slot at night.

The best way to describe this sketch show, is if you adapt a radio show to a TV show, with minimal budget. Characters such as Dr Tipple MD, DJ Panfa, and Dimitri fall flat visually… but may be witty with the right audio production. But Merrick & Rosso‘s style is a very laid back bogan humour, which shows during their “shopping” segments, as well as their dumbed down characters Brett & Craig, who are meant to be patriotic losers who love to prank the innocent public.

Throughout the season, Rosso plays on his visual look-a-like – representing movie actor Russell Crowe. When Rosso doesn’t shave, he is a miniature doppleganger. It’s amusing at first, but the one joke is milked so much, it’s not funny. Also, a running joke segment Bernie Millionaire, which is a parody reality spin-off of a dated 80s comedy film Weekend At Bernie’s, loses its punch after the first episode.

The ratings showed within three weeks, failing below expectations throughout the rest of the season. The B Team lasted 8 episodes and wrapped up quietly.

They went back to breakfast radio, only to give it a decent moderate attempt again on Foxtel under The Merrick and Rosso Show which lasted 2 seasons.