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Watch: Classic Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Having a withdrawl from “The greatest games, ever!”? Well, it depends on what year you’re referring to.



It’s late July 2020, and right now the world is meant to be united together in one country to compete against each other to win shiny metal things.

Well, guess what – it’s not happening. That’s because of a virus that’s spread globally.

While the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed until July 2021, it’s really put a spotlight on our minds to reflect on the good, bad and amusing times previous Olympiads. Thanks the almighty power of YouTube and the official Olympic Channel, you can now revisit whatever previous games you claim to be the ‘best ever’ *cough* SYDNEY *cough*.

Depending on how far you wish to go back… within reason since television wasn’t created until the 1950s and filming the games was rare from the 1940s backwards, you can reminisce when things gave you goosebumps, make you cry, or make you laugh when things went wrong.

Watch as Melbourne suburbs prepared themselves for a crowdly overtake of the city with the 1956 Games.

Re-visit the 1988 Seoul Games, which North Korea boycotted for some odd reason.

Did the arrow make it in the cauldron or overshoot? Now you can watch it in glorious HD with the 1992 Barcelona Games.

How long can you tolerate Celine Dion singing? Or would you rather admire Muhammad Ali light the flame in the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Victa Lawnmowers and a stalled cauldron plate were all the talk in the Sydney 2000 Games.

Coming full circle, back to where the Games begun – Athens. 2004. Here we go.

Here’s heaps of clips and archived footage from both Summer and Winter Games, so go get lost and scratch that Olympic itch.

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