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Watch your favourite Ryan Reynolds movie free

But make sure it’s Foolproof.



There’s many streaming video on demand services out there, that it’s hard to keep up with what’s available, yet alone that it could be defunct after a buy-out or lack of fresh library content.

If you’re stuck on a decision, let the star of Deadpool, Deadpool 2 and Green Lantern help you out.

Ryan Reynolds, who is the internet’s favourite entertainment when it comes to, just stuff, jumps onto opportunity when it arrives. Just like rescuing the actor from ridicule from appearing in the Peloton ad by popping up in his Aviation Gin commercial. Or making cheeky ads with Hugh Jackman.

So now you’re struggling to watch something new on your Disney Plus, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video, Quickflix, Presto… while consuming your glass of gin. Here’s where Ryan can help.

Without sign-up, you can head to Mint Mobile‘s new streaming service, where you can watch the entire library consisting of the 2003 movie Foolproof – starring Reynolds.

That’s it.

The Canadian crime / thriller heist film featuring Reynolds as a burglar who ends up biting off more than he can chew. While the movie didn’t set the world on fire, it did develop a cult following, just like a lot of early Reynolds films.

It’s a clever marketing move, but also no surprise when you realise that Reynolds owns some shares in Mint Mobile. So don’t delay – binge today!

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