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Play Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge



It’s a pity when you’ve been in isolation for so long that you have probably forgotten how to drive your golf club. Your game will be off-centre. Your back swing will be questionable. But while restrictions are lifting, don’t race directly to the golf course straight away. You need to warm up gradually.

Enter Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

Practice your putting with the Expert of all Putting Experts, Lee Carvallo. With a few simple clicks, Carvallo will guide you through how to putt, and what club to use directly for each hole.

The game was seen on Season 7, Episode 11 of The Simpsons, with Bart Simpson receiving said game as a christmas gift from Marge, after he had to earn his mother’s trust after he was caught shoplifting Bonestorm – a high in demand game at the time.

The clever work of Aaron Demeter has brought the game to life where you can play it through your web browser, or download it to have a HDD copy. Also endorsed by Simpsons staffer Bill Oakley.

So give it a whirl here, and donate some coin if you managed to nail your ball into the parking lot.

Hopefully Demeter will get a My Dinner With Andre game going.

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