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Trailer: Unsolved Mysteries

Perhaps YOU could solve a new bunch of mysteries – thanks to Netflix.



The iconic true story documentary series has returned to our screens with a modern polish.

Originally given birth to in 1987, Unsolved Mysteries dove into cold cases, the unexplained, paranormal and folklore to seek answers for questions that needed closure.

The series had five hosts across the original lifespan of 23 years, with Robert Stack being the most recognised host. Thanks to the internet, the producers of the series has kept the spirit of the show alive with updates through the official site, and recently uploading the classic series on YouTube.

After an announcement from Netflix in January 2019 that the series will be given a modern reboot and shining the spotlight on 12 new mysteries, the time has now come to digest said series from July 1, 2020 with the first six episodes to be available.

For every mystery, there is someone, somewhere who has the answer.

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