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David Lynch Tells You What He’s Doing



If you’ve clicked through to seeing what this is about, I am guessing you’re a David Lynch enthusiast. So what I’m about to explain is… well.. you know.

The Coronavirus lockdown has brought out much creativity out of everyday people. But also it’s allowed some of us to get to know some high profile people in the Hollywood spotlight more intimately.

Take Mr Lynch for example. Known for his bizarre and amazing storytelling in film (eg Eraserhead), TV (eg Twin Peaks) and artwork (eg his … artwork), Lynch can sell ice to an eskimo simply by the way he talks and describes things.

Lynch has created his own “theater” on YouTube, giving the world updates on his little piece of the earth, from weather, to artwork, and being a handyman around the house.

Full of positivity and Lynch-esque enthusiasm, the weather reports are simplistic yet so detailed. We don’t need the weatherman on the news anymore.

When he’s not checking out the skies, Lynch is upkeeping the maintenance in the home. Such as plumbing.

If he’s not being a handyman, he’s releasing short films. Especially dark-toned sitcoms about Rabbits.

So grab some cherry pie and coffee and fall down the rabbit hole that is David Lynch Theater.

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