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Get Reunited with Josh Gad

Get ready to be reunited with your inner childhood movies – the Josh Gad way.



What do Hollywood stars of TV and silver screen do during the pandemic? You know, since everything except for essentials has been shut down..? Since no-one can travel, touch each other or do anything else that involves filming on location, Hollywood can either write future projects, or get creative online by catching up in group meetings on Zoom.

Actor and Comedian Josh Gad has decided to gather your favourite movies of your past and bring them forward to the present, all thanks to the power of technology.

Gad’s new YouTube series Reunited Apart has the man himself discuss the history of our favourite films, and dials in the cast and team members of said films to have a virtual bonding session. Some still stay in contact, and some haven’t been together as a group since originally filming or a DVD / anniversary release. Everyone has a speaking voice, and while Gad asks the questions we all want answered, it is encouraged to donate to the charity of that choice for said episode.

Josh Gad – host. Source: Reunited Apart // YouTube.

On the official YouTube channel Gad has launched with a reunion with the 1985 action / adventure / comedy flick The Goonies. Joining the chat are the original cast members such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and even Director Steven Spielberg… just to name a few.

Episode Two had a reunion of the Back To The Future cast with certain players missing (for whatever reasons… no assumptions here), but to have Christopher Lloyd, Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson, Huey Lewis and a few other team players have a good ol’ fashioned virtual catch up is something to spend some quality time for yourself to absorb like a fine can of Pepsi Free and rehydrated pizza.

So subscribe to Reunited Apart‘s YouTube channel and you may discover Chester Copperpot’s hidden treasure.

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