Wayne’s World does Uber Eats

It’s Super Bowl season. What comes along with Super Bowl? Super Ads.

For years there’s tradition of epically produced commercials that have a hefty price tag, on order to catch your attention as all of America hunker down in front of their televisions and watch the NFL grand final. There’s plenty of sites out there that dedicate themselves to collecting these commercials to highlight the value of content produced. Some companies even dig up pop culture favourites in order to promote their wares.

In this case, it’s time to dust off the wigs and bring back Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as their iconic characters from Wayne’s World – which started off as a sketch on Saturday Night Live and spawned two hit films in the 1990s.

For Super Bowl reasons, food delivery company Uber Eats has gone all out and put Myers and Carvey’s alter-egos Wayne Campbell and Garth Elgar together to promote a ‘thank you for supporting local’ marketing campaign.

It started off as a teaser:

… and evolved into a 1 minute commercial, featuring celebrity endorser Cardi B:

… then something that would be as close as we’re going to get to a Wayne’s World 3 with a 2 & 1/2 hour “Thank You” video, with random shenanigans to fill in the time as you read your favourite local restaurant in the list of 89,151 eateries.

If you can’t be bothered sitting through it all, here’s a little time-jump, thanks to the internets:

  • 24:03 – Alice Cooper arrives to the set. You know… like making a cameo in the first movie
  • 35:49Alice Cooper talks about football, a la the history of Milwaukee
  • 2:21:14 – Alice Cooper has a wicked little jam session with Wayne and Garth

But if anyone accuses them of selling out – they were onto it years ago.

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