Watch your childhood Ghostbusters cartoons free

Curse this pandemic. If you’re reading this years after 2021… *Hooray!* The pandemic is over!

While the long overdue sequel to the original Ghostbusters 1 & 2 franchise Ghostbusters: Afterlife still has not seen the light of day, the content delivery has been in overdrive to keep the interest of the 1984 series alive.

The good people at Sony Pictures have been maintaining the official YouTube channel, adding vignettes, deleted scenes, montages and other bits and pieces for the Ghostbuster aficionado.

Now, they’re releasing full episodes of the animated spin-offs: 1986’sThe Real Ghostbusters and 1997’s Extreme Ghostbusters, to fill in the gap until Afterlife comes out in November 2021, after attempts for it to hit the silver screen in July 2020, March and June 2021.

The Real Ghostbusters lasted 140 episodes across 7 seasons, while Extreme Ghostbusters ran for just 40 episodes in 1 season.

Every Wednesday / Thursday (depending on your timezone), an episode of The Real Ghostbusters will be released on YouTube for free…

… while every Saturday / Sunday (depending on your Timezone), an episode of Extreme Ghostbusters is screened.

Fingers crossed Afterlife becomes available by the end of the year!

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