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Watch: Last Man Standing (2005)

The 2005 cult dramedy now available online, for free.



The 2005 cult dramedy now available online, for free.

Ah Marieke Hardy, the Aussie media darling herself was involved in this 2005 Australian TV series featuring the likes of Matt PassmoreRodger Corser and Travis McMahon.

Think of Last Man Standing as a male version of Offspring. It about three mates who live in work and Melbourne and have no idea about females. Last Man Standing was show about relationships and it was also a Kiwi/Aussie production so had it Miriama Smith who played the character of Matt Passmore’s ex wife in the show who is a known kiwi actor. Other notable stars regular or cameoing in the show are Heidi ArenaJacinta StapletonMadeleine WestGreg FleetKat StewartCal Wilson, Luke Hemsworth and many more.

The cast was likable, and the story-lines were good. Channel Seven originally screened the series in 2005, but was axed after one season (22 episodes) after it failed to develop a huge audience – only a cult one.

Alison Bell had a guest role in the show, who is now part of Hardy TV series on the ABC called Laid where she had a leading role. Last Man Standing was released on DVD but is now out-of-print and has appeared on eBay at an inflated price.

And because of that price, let us tell you about how you can see the entire 22 episode season online, for free!

Thanks to the refresh of Channel Seven’s video streaming site 7Plus, you can view the rare TV series in high definition and relive the trendy Melbourne lifestyle and haircuts of 2005.

Last Man Standing – 7Plus:

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