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Ryan Reynolds gets Rick Moranis

That’s it.



Ryan Reynolds is a goddamn genius.

Known for his wise-cracking meta promotions and his love for the late great John Candythe Canadian actor as outdone himself again to promote his wares.

In a recent stint to advertise his share in a U.S. mobile company Mint Mobile by poking fun at streaming services and his own back catalogue of movies, he’s pulled off every comedy nerd’s dream – getting Rick Moranis out of acting retirement.

It’s folklore that Moranis disappeared from the Hollywood spotlight since the passing of his wife Anne in 1991, only surfacing for something he’d find appealing, such as voicing an animated movie or to promote a comedy album. Even rejecting multiple returns to the Ghostbusters franchise. The fans want him back to do something, and Disney+ managed to get him to return for the Honey… I Shrunk franchise, and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production series The Goldbergs dragged him back to voice his iconic Spaceballs Dark Helmet for a dream sequence.

Now, he’s back for a simple commercial, all because Reynolds is a fan of his.

Face it – you’d do the same thing.

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