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Pop! Vinyl does Adam Sandler

Enjoy your Nudie Magazine days with your favourite Adam Sandler Pop! Vinyl.



No matter the older Adam Sandler gets, the poorer his movies become – which is highly debatable. But still, they manage to make some decent coin because of his fan base since his early Saturday Night Live days.

But in the early days of Sandler’s movie career, his breakout 1995 feature film Billy Madison, as well as the 1996 hockey / golf flick Happy Gilmore became the stepping stones to what will be his Happy Madison production company.

On the heels on his sky-rocketing popularity, Sandler easily segued in a classic SNL character of his, Canteen Boy – renamed to The Waterboy for a 1998 feature film.

Now, these classic films have been given the Pop! Vinyl treatment.

Enjoy the drunken charade of bath time with Billy Madison in casual clothing, in school uniform, a special bath time with the swan looking at him, a lipstick-wearing former grade student Danny O’Grady (Steve Buscemi) whom Billy made amends whom he bullied in school, and his special penguin friend.

If you’re in the mood for the bloodsport of golf from Happy Gilmore, you have a choice of Happy in his ice hockey uniform, his Coach and Mentor Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers), Happy going head to head with Bob Barker, and Otto the homeless Caddy (Allen Covert).

Or enjoy staring at Bobby Boucher with some high quality H20 in his water boy costume and Mud Dogs uniform from The Waterboy.

Now, for the release dates:

  • Happy Gilmore / Chubbs / Otto available January 2020
    Bob Barker v Happy double pack available February 2020
  • Billy Madison (red shirt) / Bath / Danny O’Grady and Penguin available February 2020
    Billy Madison (school uniform) available March 2020
  • Bobby Boucher Waterboy / Mud Dogs available February 2020

So either start saving, or get your weekly hand-out from your Hotel Boss father. Available at where Pop! Vinyl is sold – JB Hi-Fi, EB Games etc.

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