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Oz Classic Fillums Get Classic Merch

Drink, sleep or work with your favourite Aussie film on some memorabilia.



Ever loved a film so much that you’d sleep with it? Just think about that for a moment, as I was referring to a pillow or blanket… ya filthy animal.

Australian film distributor Umbrella Entertainment, who have a vast collection of cult Australian / Ozploitation film and TV releases under their belt, have signed up to merchandise manufacturer RedBubble to release on-demand products featuring images representing your favourite movies they have licensed.

Fan of the 1976 film Mad Dog Morgan starring Dennis Hopper – the drunken, violent outlaw who just can’t get a break?

Why not invest in a comforter. He’ll be in your dreams.

Enjoy the red curls of Nicole Kidman peddling to the max in 1983’s BMX Bandits?

Grab a t-shirt, where she’ll pop out of your retro chest.

Is it time to watch 1975’s The Man From Hong Kong starring Jimmy Wang Wu and George Lazenby?

It’s ALWAYS time to watch it with a wall clock.

If you’re familiar with how RedBubble works, you’ll know there’s more variety to choose from, such as coffee mugs, tiles, journals, laptop bags, phone covers and more.

Check out the store here, and even get the movies on Umbrella Entertainment‘s site here.

Sadly, for Mad Dog Morgan fans, they forgot the scrotum.

Though the closest thing to it is a draw string bag. Take it or leave it.

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