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Non-Stop action with Beastie Boys’ Sabotage

Burn some adrenaline with action packed movie scenes set to an Alternative classic.



Feeling frustrated, agitated or just seeking some senseless shoot-em-up? This may be the solution for you.

When you watch an action-packed film which contains an action-packed sequence but plays a non-action-packed tune with it, it can be a bit of a downer.

Right here, we’re claiming that The Beastie Boys 1994 track Sabotage is the best adrenaline rush tune for any action sequence. A case example is illustrated in the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond, where the fleet is facing certain death, and the only way to defeat the enemy is through sound.

So why not use that one song for a montage of shooting, fighting and pure stamina boosting sequences and shove it into all in one video? That’s what YouTuber Tal Izenberg did.

It’s what we all need.

Go ahead. Crank up the volume, and press play. It’ll do you good.

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