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When Shaun Micallef Meets Pure Instinct

It’s an event that would make Nobby Doldrums proud.



While veteran comedian Shaun Micallef is a legend in his own right, where he pops up makes him Australia’s own Bill Murray.

Recently appearing at Hardcore rock / metal band Pure Instinct‘s gig, Micallef stood to the side while the band rocked out hard with the crowd in close proximity.

Looking like he was a supervising father to the very young crowd, Micallef eventually joined in to the track Still Here – just not screaming as much as everyone else. The reason why he was there? To film his new documentary for the ABC based on drinking culture. You’ll be able to see the TV camera (or some random crowd member who forgot to take their smart phone with them).

Maybe it’s time for Milo Kerrigan to go all hardcore with a new release of That’s The Thing About Boxing.

Check out Pure Instinct‘s hardcorey-ness on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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