John McClane Does Car Batteries

Over the weekend, a tweet went out from Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis – known for his portrayal as the terrorist arse-kicking John McClane in the Die Hard movie franchise that everyone loves.

It brought the sizzle too, with the hashtag #DieHardIsBack. If you jumped onto the hashtag bandwagon, there were tweets from the comedy music group The Lonely Island – with member Andy Samberg known for his love for Die Hard as expressed in the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

There was also a tweet from the newly created account from De’voreaux White, who played McClane’s limo driver Argyle in Die Hard.

So the speculation began. Could the 15 second video snippet be hype for:

  • The whispered 6th Die Hard movie
  • A new music video from The Lonely Island starring Willis as McClane
  • Willis finally making a cameo in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s new season

Turns out it was none of the above.

It was a two minute commercial for ‘Die Hard Platinum Batteries’ from car accessory supplier Advanced Auto Parts.

Which would also explain the hashtag disclaimer used “#ad”, which is common in tweets from sponsored profiles.

A very clever marketing strategy, which has done its job.

Now bring us the 6th movie – we’ll reserve our ‘Yippy-Ki-Yay’s for then.

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