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Unsolved Mysteries is coming back

Netflix has solved a missing piece of the puzzle.



For years, Robert Stack queried that you might hold the clue to an unsolved mystery. Now, we have the answer.

It was definitely you, the fan. But also Netflix. And also Stranger Things Executive Producer Shawn Levy.

The wildly successful U.S. docuseries that ran from 1987 to 2010, had various amount of hosts over 581 episodes, notably Stack and Dennis Farina, narrating stories of unsolved murders, crimes, supernatural occurrences, lost loves, as well as giving updates after a story has been broadcast. Unsolved Mysteries lived on through bootleg VHS tapes, compilation DVDs, Video On Demand and social media.

Previous iconic Unsolved Mysteries hosts Robert Stack (L) and Dennis Farina (R)
Previous iconic Unsolved Mysteries hosts Robert Stack (L) and Dennis Farina (R)

Now, with the announcement that Netflix is further pushing their nostalgic bandwagon by bringing back fan-favourite TV shows that usually get the arse by commercial networks, the modern remake is being revived by the original production house Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, who are being assisted by 21 Laps – the producers of Netflix’s popular sci-fi show Stranger Things.

According to Netflix, the 12 episode series will focus on one mystery, asking the viewing audience for help.

Right now, it appears it’ll all be brand-new and fresh, but keeping to the original tone it’s known for. But no word on the classic episodes and if they will be available to watch. Though if you’re in the U.S., you can see the full Stack and Farina episodes on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Sadly, us Australians are stuck with the Farina episodes on YouTube – but they’re free!

No word on the release date, but we’ll let you know once available. Until then, enjoy this shredded rock cover by YouTuber ArtificialFear.

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