Podcast: Tim Ferguson

Before hosting Unreal TV. Before Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. Before The Doug Anthony All-Stars.

Tim Ferguson is ‘the Boy from Blayney, NSW’, where it was the coldest place on earth (his words) who grew up learning about politics and war, ended up entertaining Australian and international audiences by acting rediculous while staying handsome. That was under the one banner of the comedy trio The Doug Anthony All-Stars.

We dive into our archives and find what was a ‘lost’ interview with Tim that was recorded at the time he was on the verge of releasing his memoir Carry A Big Stick, and was travelling to-and-from Australia and Canada.

Out of all the things he was doing in his busy schedule, he managed to give more than five minutes of his precious time to talk about himself in a non-egotistical way.

Good for him!

You can buy his books and check out his comedy writing courses via his website Cheeky Monkey.

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