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Zach Braff tweets about ‘Scrubs’ anniversary – NBC responds

10 years since the ‘divorce’ and yet, they remain friends.



It’s a knee-jerk reaction that’ll make any fanboy and fangirl cry – and make you realise that you’re old.

Scrubs, the American single-camera dramedy sitcom based around John Michael “J.D.” Dorian (Zach Braff) enrolling into a working medical school hospital and narrating his life and interactions with his friends, co-workers, lovers and family, ran from 2001 to 2010.

The first 7 years was under the roof of U.S. channel NBC, until some cursive writers strike of 2007 wiped out a few shows, cutting the 7th season in half (which was meant to be the final season) and NBC deciding not to renew it, palming it off to it’s other U.S. channel ABC.

After the move, the main cast wanted to wrap things up on a high with the 8th season. Everything was tied up beautifully with the season finale, giving J.D. the satisfaction of a complete graduation and most of the throw-away characters one last wave goodbye. Done and dusted… right?

Nah – ABC Studios decided to give it one more crack, and renewed it for a 9th season. But main star Braff wanted out. So the idea of bringing in a new student Lucy Bennett (Kerry Bishe) and give her the same monologue as J.D., but give J.D. some appearances spread throughout the season (6 episode appearances out of 13) everything should be aligned in the world. Sadly, no. It bombed – and was never spoken of again.

Fast forward to October 2nd 2018, and Braff takes to Twitter to have a #Throwback to the show that made him and household name, celebrating the 17 year anniversary since the premiere of the first episode of Scrubs.

The coolest part is that his old babysitter NBC responded, showing some affection.

Dude! Deep.

Naturally, dedicated fans called out for a revival.

Creator Bill Lawrence is on record to say that Scrubs has run its course, and it’s all done and dusted. Though if you were a fan of his other show Cougar Town, you would be aware of the many references and crossovers with the cast for the show.

While there’s no obvious plans for any type of reunion or reboot, it’s great just to purely reflect on such an iconic show that would make you laugh and cry over attending a hospital, and cracking jokes to your surgeon who just doesn’t quite get it, and decides to amputate your foot for a goof.

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