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“You Only Get One Shot, Do Not Miss” – Resident Evil 2

Does Resident Evil 2 deserve the Remake treatment? The One-Shot demo answers this question.



I’m not a Horror guy. This statement spans everything from movies to books; podcasts to articles and especially video games. In 1998 Resident Evil 2 came out and wowed people with its atmosphere and setting, really carving out a space of that survival horror pie for itself and the franchise for the next 20 years.

So here we are, Capcom have looked at their catalogue of classics and decided to remake the (debated) best Resident Evil game. So why, as a person who doesn’t touch horror games, would I want to highlight this?


Okay, so the real thing going on here is that Capcom have release a one-shot demo for this upcoming release. One shot is all you get. 30 minutes to explore the first little section of the game and when that timer reaches zero, it just ends. Forgoing the tank controls of old, Resident Evil 2 (yes, they literally reused the name) takes a control scheme more akin to the fourth installment of the series which makes it more accessible. Playing through this short demo I shot some infected, boarded up a window to stop infected, picked up items, ran out of inventory space, combined some herb, developed a photo(?) and successfully made it past the first section of game to complete the demo with 2 minutes remaining on the clock.

This is by far the best demo since I played the 30 minute Just Cause 2 free roam demo on loop for 4 hours.

The Resident Evil 2: One-Shot Demo is only available till the end of January on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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