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You Am I – Berlin Chair (1994)

A signature alternative rock song that should be in your collection. Sit down and think about it.



Entering the ARIA Charts at Number 92 of February 20, 1994, alternative rock band You Am I released the song Berlin Chair from their 1993 album Sound As Ever.

Berlin Chair sat in the charts for 9 weeks, reaching a peak of 73, but reached as high as Number 3 on the Top 20 Alternative Charts.

The distinct sound of Berlin Chair and the cold opening lines of:

If half of what I’m saying / of what I’m saying is true 

makes the track penned by frontman Tim Rogers a signature piece of alternative Australian rock in the mid to late 90s. To compliment the tune, the ultra-cheap music video of a one-shot camera recording in a warehouse of a small gentleman in a glittering silver suit dancing away (“P.J.” the Boxer), a sultry dancer and a quick cameo by the actual band jamming away, make it all worthwhile to enjoy the 2 minutes and 30 seconds of bliss.

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