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‘What’s that song?’ – The Earworm Project

Our attempt at compiling the ultimate list of production music from TV and Movies you may be familiar with.



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You know that time in your life when get when you watch a show, movie or segment and there’s a subtle ear-worm music bed in the background?

Randomly it’ll just pop in your head. Or you want it for a ringtone because it’s damn catchier than the latest 5 Seconds Of Summer track on the charts. Here at My Geek Culture we want to create an ever-growing playlist of tunes that were part of the show or movie you watched in your life, but really isn’t a commercially released track. Most of the chance it’s from a production library used by producers making that said item you just watched.

As we have to start somewhere, we’re going to make it easy and go with what we know is familiar: we love The D-Generation / The Late Show, and with Tony Martin‘s influences on production tastes, we thought we’d start at the KPM Production Library, owned by EMI.

There will be A LOT to go through, so we need your help. The rules we like to follow here are:

  • Song is preferred to be from a production library, or something close.
  • The earworm can be from a TV show, film, or radio / comedy segment – preferrably Australian, but doesn’t have to be – like the next point:
  • Something that is quite subtle. Like the tune in the elevator scene in The Blues Brothers. Apparently it’s The Girl From Ipanema, but no-one can find the exact one.
  • No obvious tunes that are commercial hits IE: chart toppers. (Young MC – Bust-A-Move is a prime example in this KFC ad)
  • Some songs will undoubtedly be commissioned by the production company who owns the rights to the show / movie (like the theme from The Micallef Program) so they will be a tad more difficult.

Side note: we would love to find the song for:
* Wheel Of Fortune Australia where voiceover extraordinare John Deeks is reciting the prizes selected by the winner.
* Red Faces music bed used in the 1980s and 1990s on Hey Hey It’s Saturday before and after the act.

Put your submission through in the comments section and bookmark this page for updates down the track.

A big thanks already to Daniel G and FlemishDog for contributing some tracks.

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