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Watch: The Movie Show (1999)

More of Pomerantz v Stratton is available from the 1999 archives.



Last year, SBS dug into the archives and screened 20 year old episodes of The Movie Show – a highly acclaimed and recognised movie review programme featuring credible hosts Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton.

Such the duo had a high reputation with critiquing films from all aspects of the silver-screen, they developed a cult fan-base, which still stands to this day. After reminding you – the reader – that SBS were giving access to episodes produced in 1998, those are now long gone. Now, a bunch of episodes from 1999 are available to digest!

Did you have a soft-spot for Will Smith’s Wild Wild West?
How did Stratton feel about the performance of Shakespeare In Love?
Did the revolutionary CGI in The Matrix take Pomeranz’s breath away?
Who drew the short straw to grab the stale popcorn from the stall at the Venice Film Festival?

Well, you have until late April 2019 to catch-up on the episodes available from the 1999 archive. Sadly, not all are available, but it’s great to see a bunch of movies being reviewed in glorious 4:3 ratio. You can start with Episode One with reviews of Ronin, A Simple Plan and Very Bad Things – here using SBS On Demand.

Margaret commands you!

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