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Watch: The Midday Show with Doug Mulray

Australian radio’s King of ‘Toilet Humour’ in the 1980s and 90s take on the innocent and eldery during their lunch time.



From top bloke to toilet humour, how can a variety show tarnish its reputation?

There comes a time in a television show’s life, where after years of establishment as a clean-cut, family friendly and intelligent show hosted by a highly credible personality, decides to turn the other cheek and head down the s-bend of entertainment.

The Midday Show with Ray Martin had one of those very moments. From 1985 to 1993, television journalist and 60 Minutes reporter Ray Martin hosted a 1 & 1/2 hour variety show on Channel 9 from 12pm. With the core audience of retirees, senior citizens and grocery buyers, the highly popular show ranked well, containing interviews, musical performances, audience participation, and comedy pieces – it even scored Martin his first Logie award in 1987. You can’t even look past the infamous Casey v Rowe feud without thinking of Midday. Martin eventually moved on in 1993, to anchor Channel 9’s nightly current affairs show A Current Affair.

Rewind to 1991, and after Casey v Rowe fight calming down, the show needed a fill-in host as Martin was taking leave.

Cue: Doug Mulray.

A radio veteran of the AM and FM bands, from 2SM to 2JJ (later named Triple J), and Triple M, Mulray was not the person you’d expect to host such a show. Known for his extreme usage of double entendres, crude comedy, and cheeky homonym banters, Mulray was given an all-access pass to the Channel 9 Willoughby studios, and brought his mates with him. Because why not? He has his own breakfast radio show on Triple M that was rating extremely hot. He has a cult following, and loves pushing the cringe-worthy envelope.

In an episode broadcast on Friday September 20 1991, Mulray brought his signature style to the Midday audience. You can now watch Mulray:

  • Crack borderline racist jokes and the audience laugh, but realise they shouldn’t;
  • Raiding through the Triple M showbag;
  • Interview The Naked Gun and Police Squad! star Leslie Nielsen and bond over far jokes;
  • Australian Country music band Fargone Beauties
  • Chat to footy legends Dermott Brereton (AFL) and Paul “Fatty” Vautin (NRL) about the upcoming finals
  • Mulray play his ‘lativan’ instrument with Geoff Harvey and the house band performing When The Saints Come Marching In, and;
  • Debate the topic ‘Blondes Have More Fun Than Brunettes ‘ with Gretel Killeen, Collette Mann, Megan Williams, Debbie Newsome

Enjoy the wholesomeness that is The Midday Show with Doug Mulray over a bowl of Mull-Os.

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