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Watch: SNL Weekend Update Live from RNC

The SNL Weekend Update News Desk gate-crashes the 2016 RNC.



The guys and gals of Saturday Night Live returned to TV briefly today while on holiday hiatus for the 2016 RNC.

Boy, wasn’t it a treat!

Hosted in Cleveland, Ohio, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che dove in head-first into the convention, covering all the nooks and cranneys that would pop up in a Republican convention where Donald Trump rules the blood covered throne to the portals of hell.

Everything was covered – from Scott “Chachi” Baio giving a very weird endorsement, Che playing the Trump adaption to Pokemon Go, and trying to make sense of the whole mess that is the US Republican Party.

It was pretty cool to see Ghostbusters star and SNL regular Kate McKinnon appear as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, strutting her stuff.


Ted Cruz’s wife does not endorse this post.

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