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Watch: Michael Winslow Talks Police Academy 8

Winslow hasn’t lost the bleeps, sweeps or creeps, yet.



*Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr! click click! Doo-doo-boooot!*

Sorry, bad attempt at writing sound effects in words.

On Tuesday 2nd August, the man of 10,000 voices Michael Winslow dropped in to the studios of Nova 100 in Melbourne to demonstrate his vocal range.

The Spaceballs star spoke to the Chrissie, Sam and Browny breakfast show about being on tour in Australia, and also dropped a bombshell for all Police Academy fans – they’re working on an eighth film.

For obvious reasons, it’ll most likely be a re-boot, as most of the cast have now passed away, with George Gaynes aka Commandant Lassard dropping off this mortal coil in February.

However, there has been a mini-reunion of late, with Officer Mahoney – better known as Steve Guttenberg and Hooks’ counterpart Marion Ramsey starring in SyFy’s 2015 B-grade sci-fi film Lavalantula and unprompted 2016 sequel 2Lava2Lantula.

To take us out while you digest all this info, we’re going to let Winslow knock one out on the ones and twos.



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