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Watch: Bardot – The Farewell Concert (2002)

Re-live the all-girl, all-Aussie, all-Reality, all-Pop group performing their last hurrah in front of their fans.



Where were you when Australian all-girl pop group Bardot called it a day?

It seems that most of the tweens were either hanging out at the local Sanity store or standing out front of FOX Studios Sydney, where the Farewell Concert was being performed live on Channel V.

Back in 2000 when reality TV was barely in its infancy, the series Popstars was on the hunt to find a young and fresh all-female pop group to build from the ground up and make millions. Australian audiences watched as radio personality Jackie O, Warner Music boss Chris Moss, and Grant Thomas Management boss Michael Napthali auditioned and tested unknown and upcoming talent to be chosen as ‘the one’ to be part of a five-piece ensemble. Eventually, Belinda Chapple, Sophie Monk, Sally Polihronas, Katie Underwood and Chantelle Barry were the overall winners, but even before they could get the first single out, Barry got turfed after stealing coin from Monk. Runner-up Tiffani Wood replaced Barry post-haste and ta-da! – new girl group BARDOT!

After their first single Poison went straight to Number One on the ARIA charts and double Platinum, Bardot released more singles and were nominated for ARIA awards.

After local success, they tried to crack the overseas markets, but to no avail. Bardot performed a national tour, but cancelled the New Zealand tour due to poor sales. As they began to record their second album in the UK in 2001, Underwood left the group to pursue theatre (and eventually hooking up with Kaylan to become Disco Montego), so the five piece group were shaved down to four. The second album Play It Like That was moderately successful, and with four piece boy group Human Nature, embarked on a national tour 2002.

But the success didn’t last long. Not long after the tour, Bardot wrapped up the band with a farewell concert performed on Channel V at FOX Studios Sydney, hosted by James Mathison and Osher Gunsberg – known back then as Andrew G.

Now you can relive the slightly uncomfortable performance of all their singles, as well as an emotional break-down as they perform their final song in front of their dozens of screaming fans.

What a whirlwind 2 and 1/2 years it was.

Plus, if you are now curious why to there is no official digital library, this might hold your answer.

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