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Watch: Ask The Leyland Brothers

Travel along the countryside with The Leyland Brothers.



Join Mike and Mal Leyland trekking across the great southern land.The saying often goes ‘Take a trip in your own backyard” before you go overseas. The temptation to travel abroad is often appealing due to different cultures, food, sights, people and various customs. But the downfall can be risk of illness, the exchange rate, and obeying the laws in foreign countries.

So why not explore what’s happening over your back fence?

Bring in Australian adventurers Mike and Mal Leyland, aka The Leyland Brothers.

Simply tasking themselves to pack their own bags and equipment, the brothers would put their families in their 4WDs and hit the road, travelling from east to west coast and produce some of the most amazing landscapes and adventures you could have without hunkering down in a motel room and flying to your destination.

From 1976 to 1980, the Leyland Brothers produced the series Ask The Leyland Brothers, showcasing cities, small towns, parks and wildlife, nature reserves and isolated natural beauty.

In the series, Mike and Mal discussed step-by-step on how to prepare yourself for road adventures, as well as survival in the outback, and how to handle and preserve nature in the lucky country.

The beauty of their production is that it was filmed on Super 8 and dressed in a relaxed feel, to give the image of everyday folk and relatability. 153 episodes were produced (including the 1983-84 reboot) for Channel 9, and made them a household name. The further produced for shows for Channel 7 and opened a theme park due to their success, which eventually folded not long after opening.