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Waste productive time hiding Homer

Hide or expose – it’s down to you, if you’re SMRT enough.



Hide or expose – it’s down to you, if you’re SMRT enough.

In a novel approach to a highly popular scene from The Simpsons, it’s amazing what the general public can churn out for fun.

In Season 5 Episode 16 Homer Loves Flanders, where Homer befriends his annoying neighbour Ned Flanders, Homer has gone into overkill with friendship to the point where Flanders doesn’t want to have much to do with him. In a lead-up to a scene satirical of the film Terminator 2, Homer blends in and out of the hedge that divides the Simpsons and Flanders property.

While there’s been a million memes dominating the internets, someone has made Hide Homer – an online game where you swipe Homer left or right from the bushes whenever a person or object flashes up on the screen to whether he likes it or not. Then you simply score a point.

So far my highest score was 131 until my wrist gave up. There are basic rules if you click on the “?” icon in the bottom left part of the site’s screen to show you what to avoid. So if you need 30 seconds to kill while downloading your porn work documentation, give this unofficial game a try.

Warning: already contains the head of Trump.

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