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Walmart goes all out with famous cars in new ad

Guess the cars – get nostalgic.



Getting our attention these days is getting harder to do, since we can see through most marketing ploys (or be fooled, once in a while).

Recently we’ve had our heartstrings pulled while a famous musician reminisces over his beloved piano, and a holiday special brought inline with today’s technology.

Now giant U.S. department chain Walmart has appealed to all generations from young and old. In order to promote their “park and deliver” ordering app – where you order ahead, turn up in their designated car park spot, and have staff deliver your goodies to your car – they’ve channeled cars from Hollywood to woo us over.

Featuring cars such as the Batmobile from our mate The Dark Knight, Doc Brown’s Time Machine DeLorean from Back To The Future, The Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, Harry’s Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber and a few others thrown in the works, this is one hell of an impressive commercial that has pop-culture sites like us talking about it.

Well played, Walmart – well played.

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