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Video Buff hearts VHS Piracy Warning

The VHS may no longer be around, but the classic message stands strong.



Many Australians over the age of 30 (pushing it at 25) will understand the annoyance of having to buy or rent a movie through the technology of VHS, and having to fast-forward through the trailers to get to the actual viewing footage at hand.

Depending on the era, the main feature had a combination of ratings advices and anti-piracy messages which would take up a minute of your time. But there was one anti-piracy message that would capture the viewer because of its effect:

  • A readable message “Have You Got What You Paid For?” flashes when fast-forwarded
  • An iconic voiceover

The message I refer to is this one, voiced by veteran Voiceover Artist Steve Britten.

While these messages are no longer on any modern home media distribution, this message still holds a soft spot in many Australians, as demonstrated by “Jenette”, a customer of DVD rental store Network Video Mt Hawthorn – which itself is amazing as stores like these are diminishing.

Well done “Jenette”! Now, play a guitar cover of the ‘Piracy It’s A Crime’.

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