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Trailer: Stranger Things 3

Fourth of July. Puberty. The Upside Down. It’s a teenage wasteland.



The much hyped trailer for the ultimate love letter to the ’80s is here. In Season One, we are introduced to ‘The Upside Down’ through the innocence of Will Byers and superpowered human being Eleven. In Season Two, it’s Halloween and Ghostbusters as Eleven fights off ‘The Upside Down’ after it tries to get into the human world – once again through Will Byers.

Now in Season Three, it’s the Fourth of July in 1985, a time-honour tradition in the U.S. as they celebrate their independence. The clique of kids are growing up but realise that ‘The Upside Down’ is still a threat…

Stranger Things 3. Source: Netflix.

Stranger Things 3 – only on Netflix July 4, 2019 (out of all days…)

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