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Trailer: Deadpool 2

FINALLY! We see more Cable than Deadpool, in the new trailer to the 2016 sequel.



What… in the actual arse..!

We’ve come a long way from Bob Ross paintings, but the CGI team still can’t get the green screen body parts right.

In the newest trailer for Deadpool 2, the sequel to the 2016 major action hit that was actually made because of the positive response of leaked footage, we see our favourite foul-mouthed hero (Ryan Reynolds) ripping the shit out of the introduction to half man / half human Cable (Josh Brolin).

Add in some kick-arse action sequences, more potty mouth and quick flashes of characters returning from the first film, and you have yourselves another amazing sequel that you can jack off to.

Deadpool 2 – In cinemas May 17, 2018.

Official Deadpool site.

Viral Deadpool site – guaranteed no herpes.

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