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To Obama, With Love… from SNL

Strong and Zamata hold back their emotions while singing a ballad to former Pres. Obama.



Strong and Zamata hold back their emotions while singing a ballad to former Pres. Obama.Now with the inauguration done and dusted with failed steak tycoon Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th U.S. President shudderit’s been well documented that he’s not well loved by the cast and crew of the long running Saturday Night Live.

While T.Rump has made it clear in dozens of tweets that he watches the show avidly and can’t take a joke with Alec Baldwin doing a realistic impression of him, you just can’t help to notice that SNL just don’t want President Barack Obama to move his belongings out of the Oval Office. In January 21st 2017 episode of SNL, cast members Cecily Strong  and Sasheer Zamata sing their own rendition of the 1966 classic To Sir,With Love… by British songstress Lulu. If you still unsure, it echoes the 1966 film To Sir, With Love starring Sidney Poitier.

With a portrait of Obama hanging in the background, Strong sings the emotional ballad with a slight lump in her throat (probably trying to suppress the “Oh shit, this is real!” emotion), while Zamata slides in to carry it home in duet – holding a coffee mug with the ‘liberal tears’ twitter spam mug scratched out and “World’s Best President” permanently engraved and covered over the top.

Who would’ve thought that there was so much emotion from a sketch comedy show?


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