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The Three Senior Amigos

Martin, Chase and Short briefly re-unite for a SNL skit.



You know how a picture says a thousand words?

Comedian Steve Martin tweeted this last Saturday for one of the biggest comedic cock-teases ever….

Aykroyd, Chase, Martin, Short, Simon, Hanks, Michaels

Aykroyd, Chase, Martin, Short, Simon, Hanks, Michaels

It was a backstage photo of Saturday Night Live, which consisted of Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Paul Simon, Tom Hanks and Lorne Michaels. All comedian royalty to SNL. Details were vague on why they were together (especially since Chase has an on-off feud with Michaels that’s been running for years) but it turns out they were all part of a skit called “The 5-Timers Club” on the Justin Timberlake-hosted SNL.

In the sketch, Timberlake had made a milestone of hosting SNL five times, which gives him membership into the club. As he walks in, he’s introduced by Simon, followed by Martin, who takes him to the club bar with Aykroyd as the bartender, which leads to Chase having a chat on the phone ordering an expensive car under Martin’s name. Then Short comes in as the waiter, which Timberlake realises he’s standing next to the Three Amigos. Then Hanks and Alec Baldwin enter the sketch, followed by Candice Bergen. All SNL royalty.

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But the clincher – was later in the show, when Timberlake was introduced for his musical piece.

Hell. Yeah.

Hell. Yeah.

And it’s available on YouTube legally! (except for Three Amigos part.. you just have to look at the pic)

Best. Ever.

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