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The Simpsons Season 18 FINALLY coming to DVD

Our yellow coloured family are coming back to DVD.



Mmmm…. DVD… drool

After originally having the plug pulled in 2015 by 20th Century FOX Television due to ‘DVD sales slowing’, the life-source of said media empire is finally going to inject more monies into the pretzel wagon DVD business once again.

In an announcement at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con in California, Season 18 of The Simpsons is finally coming to DVD, December 5, 2017, with Fat Tony embracing the cover.

Even Fat Tony voice artist Joe Mantegna was at the convention. alongside Bart Simpson impersonator Nancy Cartwright and show runner Al Jean, making the announcement.

For what was mentioned only two years ago, when Jean broke the terrible news that FOX decided to pull the plug in the box sets, stopping at Season 17 (with the stray and non-commentary / extra Season 20 box set), it was devastating to all the Simpson fanatics around the world.

The future vision was for fans to give up the future DVD releases and transition to Simpsons World – an online streaming service operated by FXX, which was designed to have every episode available at the viewers disposal.

But, it fucking sucked for anyone outside the U.S. of A, and anyone without a VPN, as you would get the ‘yellow screen of crap’.

Plus, there were various ‘box heads’ designed as collector editions for some of the seasons, creating a logistical nightmare for the OCD in DVD storage display. So while the standard DVD box sets lasted from Seasons 1 – 17 + 20 (Blu-ray for Seasons 13 – 17 + 20), Seasons 21 and onwards became available on iTunes and Google Play only. And that just plain suck-diddily-ucks my friend!

But due to the DVD release cancellation, some fans gave up on the opportunity of completing any future seasons, and started to sell off their box sets.

Why are they bringing it back on DVD? Apparently because of the pulling power of us – the fans. But only to DVD, and not Blu-ray.

Who’s laughing now…?

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