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The Simpsons Go West Wing Story

The Simpsons latest digital short takes on Trump’s latest distractions.



Errgghh.. I feel so dirty writing about this guy, but it’s The Simpsons, so it needs to be done.

The staff at The Simpsons really don’t like Donald Trump. Good on them!

In the latest of animated spoofs highlighting the most of the world’s frustrations with the randomly-thinking and downright moronic President of the United States, The Simpsons creators take on his recent decisions of classiness.

Covering his recent spate of telling four Congresswomen to ‘go back where they came from‘, the war with China over tariffs, and the line-up of Democratic nominees who want to run for President in 2020, why not tell the story in the style of the West Side Story musical, to the tune of – wait for it – AMERICA.

The Simpsons Season 31 returns to TV in the U.S. September 29, 2019. A later date for the Australian return on 7Mate has not been announced yet.

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