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The Obscurities

Obscure movies + well-known stars = this list.



Today there was nothing on TV to watch. A whole bunch of police, forensic, reality dramas that were plastered all over the commercial TV stations. Not my cup of tea. So I turned behind my lounge and headed towards my DVD collection. I was then left with a ‘too many to choose’ dilemma. As I searched through the collection, I discovered there were movies which I had bought, that I hadn’t seen at the cinema, on TV, or rented. I bought them because of the talent in it. Some of the movies were that good, they were ones where they were released straight to video/DVD and would only appear if the star became Grade A famous years later.

Here’s a small list that tickle my fancy, in no order.

Greedy (1994)

I picked this one up because I had seen it on TV only. I saw it a year before Phil Hartman’s unfortunate death. This movie had a simple plot: Rich old Uncle, money grubby young nieces and nephews with some major personal issues, doing anything they can to obtain the fortune when he croaks. Enter the nephew who distances himself from the family, who gets dragged in to win him over when there’s an outside threat from a young hot woman. Hilarity ensues.

If that doesn’t catch you, the awesome 90s cast will. Kirk Douglas, Phil Hartman, Michael J Fox, Nancy Travis, Ed Begley Jr, Colleen Camp, Khandi Alexander… all competing for the camera.

Usually having an all-star cast means that there could be terrible chemistry. Amazingly, the cast was chosen perfectly. Possibly being biased, Phil Hartman does steal the scenes he appears in.

Buying The Cow (2000)

This was recommended by a friend after he went on a snow skiing holiday. He had found it in the video rentals section at the lodge he was staying at. After hurting his leg, he wanted to rest and found it in the corner shelf.

Starring Jerry O’Connell, Ryan Reynolds, Bridgette Wilson, Alyssa Milano and Ron Livingston. A time in a guys relationship where his girlfriend is about to have a major career change, but can’t really do it until she finds out if her long turn boyfriend will marry her. So she jets off across the country, while he deals with finding his soul mate. While searching, he reminises with his drinking buddies, his first true experience of a soul mate, which ends in an awkward consequence. While that is going on, one of his womanising mates has a sexual identity crisis… with flamboyant laughter. This was while Ryan Reynolds was just starting to make a name for himself. Add in Alyssa Milano as a really cool stripper who has a sense of humour, and you have a male sex comedy that would please your girlfriend too. Warning: your girlfriend may trade you in for this exposing but funny scene.

The Road To Wellville (1994)

Want to see a film that may potentially embarrass the stars if you ask them about it? Sir Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Broderick, ¬†John Cusack, Bridgette Fonda, Dana Carvey and Lara Flynn Boyle step back in time to the 1900s where Dr John Harvey Kellogg is as nutty as his crunchy nut cornflakes – operating a Sanatorium. His methods of a healthy is via your bowels. A clean bowel is a clean body. Enter Matthew Broderick and Jane Fonda, signing up for the health clinic after Mr Broderick’s insides have been damaged by meat and alcohol. Enemas all round!

John Cusack comes in to start a cornflake business to rival Kelloggs. He recruits Dana Carvey, who plays the demented son of Dr Kellogg. What seems to be the perfect world, also has been deprived of sexual tension. In order to detox, you can’t have sex. What a shame. This movie is one of those ones where you need to put your feet up and fully tune out from the world for 2 hours.

I hope that gets your rental card out.

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