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The Mick Molloy Show (1999)

The laziest two hours on television wasn’t for everyone.



The laziest two hours on television wasn’t for everyone.

Mick Molloy. Famous for being the sparring partner of Tony Martin on ABC’s The Late Show from 1992 – 1993. Hugely popular with the teens and adults from the most successful radio drive show Martin/Molloy. Hey Hey It’s Saturday was in its final 28th year (it hadn’t been announced at the time, but it was close) and Channel 9 decided to open up the doors to the guy who you wouldn’t trust to pick up as a hitch-hiker, and would only pay you in the form of Winnie Blues.

Molloy decided to grab his mates, buy a couple of lounges, head to the GTV-9 studios and park his arse in the middle of the room, turning on the toilet humour at 9:30pm. Channel 9, being known for being old fashioned, just like its stereotypical audience, were just not on the same level as Molloy was. ‘Urinating’ on the carpet, dragging out sketches longer than they should, having a jam session with a few bands in town – it was like a real life Wayne’s World, but for the bogans.

It was getting its foundations settled before it was pulled after 8 episodes and replaced with The Pretender. Methinks that the Programming Department were considering this as a replacement for Hey Hey, but they didn’t get what they paid for. Molloy just told them to ‘blow it out their arse!’.