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Taste Test: Allen’s Lollies Oak Flavoured Milk

We try Red Skins, Chokito and Jaffas flavour- plus a bonus comes along for the ride.



MMMmmmmm… iced coffeeeeeee….!

In this case, Iced Coffee has nothing to do with it. However, milk does.

Australian milk brand Oak has paired up with confectionery company Allen’s and released three limited edition flavours in time for the summer break – Chokito, Red Skins and Jaffas.

These treats are borderline heritage listed and have their dedicated fan base. So converting these hard lollies into liquid form will be quite some feat.

We took these flavours to our lab and gave them a taste test.

BONUS: While we went shopping for the flavours (available exclusively at Woolworths), we also picked up the Cinnamon Donut flavour to give it a crack too.

Have you tried them? Hit us up in the comments section and let us know if we got our ratings system accurate.

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