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Tamworth Gets Big Mac Statue

Iconic Country town turns into Macworth.



Iconic Country town turns into Macworth.

In a publicity gimmick that is trying to cash in on the Australia Day theme, the U.S. food giant known for their golden arches is trying to show how ‘dinky-di’ their ingredients are with an education drive of a fibre-glass statue of a burger.

While fast food is not everyone’s cup of tea (in this case, meal), McDonald’s Australia is taking a large statue of their iconic Big Mac burger to the towns that provide their food stuffs, such as cattle farms who provide the beef.

On Australia Day 2017, Mickey D’s revealed the statue and display in the heart of the city of Tamworth. Published through the Tourism board that is Destination Tamworth‘s Facebook page, the McStatue sits in the middle of a paddock, to promote and pay tribute to the farmers of Tamworth for supplying the country with the beef patties.

The statue is on display for two weeks until about February 9, when it’ll be on the move again. If they ever make a statue of a Quarter Pounder, would the burger be renamed to a “Quarter Tonne”?

I’d eat that.

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