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Swan Lager (1986)

They said you’d never make it…



The Somers / May duo of light entertainment promote a drop of ale.

In the prime 1980s, where beer flowed and businessman Alan Bond got more stinkin’ richer, just before he bought Channel 9 from Kerry Packer for a billion.

The lyrics for his Swan Lager commercials “They said you’d never make it” became synonymous with the Bond empire, with Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s Daryl Somers illustrating these words by using his growing profile in the Australian TV industry.

Somers is joined by his HHIS counterparts Red SymonsWilbur Wilde, Ossie Ostrich, Ricky May, his wife Julie da Costa and a gratuitious Gold Logie trophy to promoting his success with a glass of Perth’s Swan Lager.