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Smith’s Lites Chips

It was the daintiest way to stuff your face in the ’80s.



Lightly salted, thinly cut.

In the 1980s, the Smith’s Snackfood Company had their already established “The Gobbledock” – a little harmless furry monster who had a crinkle-cut potato chip addiction – as an iconic mascot.

In the same decade, Smith’s released a smooth, thinly cut flavoured potato chip, called Lites – which was a rival to Arnott’s chip product Thins.

A commercial for Lites featuring a dance troupe of ballerinas performing to Swan Lake while munching down on a packet of Lites became very popular due to the ‘out of character’ style of presentation.

While a very popular chip product, Lites eventually evolved into their Thinly Cut product line, as they are known today.

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