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Shaun Of The Dead celebrates 15 years

Director Edgar Wright celebrates the anniversary of the horror-comedy cult classic.



It’s the anniversary where you’d be happy to have red on you and forget to book a table at the restaurant.

Shaun Of The Dead, the U.K. horror-comedy film starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright celebrates its 15th anniversary since the premiere in the motherland.

Movie poster for Shaun Of The Dead. Source: IMDB.

Released in 2004, the cheeky satirical film based on zombie (I know, I’m not meant to say that word, but in this case, screw it) movies such as the George A. Romero…Of The Dead‘ series among others. We follow the life of Shaun (Pegg), a Londoner who is in a dead-end job and on the verge of losing his girlfriend if he doesn’t put some effort into his personal life, but ends up being caught in the middle of a zombie uprising alongside his best mate Ed (Frost).

The movie was inspired by previous work collaboration between Wright and Pegg, having worked on the 1999 TV series Spaced, with an episode Art – Pegg’s character Tim hallucinating shooting zombies after taking drugs.

Shaun Of The Dead was a major success, and also gave birth to the ‘Three Flavours Cornetto’ trilogy, giving Wright, Pegg and Frost a humongous fan base. To celebrate the career-changing film, Wright took to Twitter showing some old and new behind-the-scenes photos.

Shaun Of The Dead is widely available to purchase, but we encourage you to get the Shaun Of The Dead / Hot Fuzz / The World’s End box set.

Now go celebrate with a nice cold pint down at The Winchester.

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