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Screamfeeder – Hi Cs (1998)

I CAN see a pattern form…



The Brisbane based indie / pop trio slam it out front of a local 7-11 in an addictive rush of rock.

Since 1991, Screamfeeder have been part of the Australian indie / pop / rock scene. Having appeared jamming away on ABC’s Recovery, as well as guest hosting Rage, the trio have churned out seven albums and released numerous singles.

While recorded in November 1997, their single Hi Cs was released in January 1998, with a wall-to-wall guitar and drum sound that was greatly under-appreciated with the music style of the late 90s.

While it wasn’t a chart-topping hit, the music video is highly entertaining. Shot out front of a 7-11 convenience store in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon, three takes were recorded of a simple concept – the band singing their song in one still shot, while people walked in and out of the store.

The song revolves around 3 chords, B, E and A, all played without moving from the second fret. Very similar to Bunny. The lyrics, equally minimal, are 3 lines, repeated. We shot
the video outside the Bardon 7-11, in keeping with our “no budget” video making ethic, Kellie (Lloyd – bass player) and I singing into the camera while all our friends, including Dean (Shwereb – drums) in a blonde wig wandered in and out of the shop behind us. It took about half an hour. The shop owners started getting annoyed after that. – Tim Steward (guitar and lead singer) – Screamfeeder.

Check out the full raw version here.

Check out where Screamfeeder are currently touring in your next of the woods at their official site.

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